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Normally, an environmentally friendly solar water heaters uses solar power to heat the water. These days most of the homeowners are relying solar water heaters to enjoy a clean and green energy solution for their home’s hot water needs.


The solar energy or power used in these types of heating systems is a renewable energy source that helps in reducing electricity bills and carbon footprints from the environment. It is true that compared to other sources of energy, we will never run out of solar energy. Some of the natural resources like gas and oil have been tapped so much that these are becoming to run low. We can also see that today energy prices are continuing to rise. In this case, solar water heaters will prove to be a great choice.


Top factors that inspires you to install solar water heaters or heating systems in your home:


#1- Cost Effective Solution:


By installing solar water heaters or heating systems, you will get a cost-effective solution. This type of solar heating system will prove to be a convenient way to harness solar power for heating the water for your home. The solar water heaters or heating systems are considered to be perfect in reducing operational costs and offer an effective performance.


#2- Reduction in Electricity Bill:


From a survey, it has been found that installing a solar water heater or heating system, normally lowers the water heating bills around 50%- 80%. By installing a well designed solar water heater or heating system, you can take the advantage of the sun’s free energy all year round. This will help you enjoy a great reduction in your utility bills.


#3- Eliminates Carbon Footprint:


Homeowners should be aware that by using solar water heaters or heating systems, you can save 300 gallons of fuel usage per year (for one home). This results in reducing the unnecessary pollution caused by traditional water heaters by preventing about 5000 lbs of CO2emissions per year.


#4- Highly Durable and Needs Less Maintenance:


Having a simple design, the well built solar water heaters or heating systems requires a relatively low maintenance. You can simply opt for an annual inspection to ensure that the solar water heaters or heating systems are well maintained and in top running condition.


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