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Why Do You Purchase DIY Solar Water Heater Panels?

03 May 21 - 02:05

Solar water heater panels are generally used to heat water at homes and commercial premises. As you know, hot water takes around 20-40% of entire energy consumption of a home. This is where a solar hot water system comes in handy. It’s the easiest way to minimize costs.

On an average, Northern Lights solar hot water system can minimize hot water cost by 65%-75%. The solar water heater panels come with easy to install kits and include every component to get the installation done. They gener...

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Everything You Need To Know About Solar Powered Hot Tub

23 Dec 20 - 05:08

Outdoor hot tubs are an absolute lavish way to relax and ease out stress after a long day at work. A hot tub ownership comes with the several advantages. Having a spa at home could be the secret to unlock your work-life balance. It could be the factor that motivates potential tenants to select your rental property over another or persuades potential home buyers to place an offer.

Sadly, one of the main obstacles homeowners face when it comes to purchasing an outdoor hot tub is its high ope...

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The Significance of Solar Thermal Collectors in Solar Pool Heating

10 Dec 20 - 05:15

Understanding Solar Thermal Collectors

Solar thermal collectors harness the thermal energy emitted from the sun. First of all, cool water gets pumped through the solar collectors at the bottom. When the sun starts heating up the water, it emerges to the top where it can be utilized to warm the water of swimming pools, buildings and homes.

There are two primary types of solar thermal collectors like glazed and unglazed solar thermal collectors. Unglazed solar collectors are less effectiv...

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How Do Solar Water Heating Kit Help You Save More?

08 Dec 20 - 06:57

Consumption of electricity and bills are going high day after day and never go below. Therefore, you need to look for ways to reverse this process. One way to minimize electricity consumption and bills is by using a solar water heating kit.

A solar water heater works using solar energy, a natural and renewable source of energy. It’s highly abundant in nature and is completely free of cost. Using solar energy helps you heat water that contributes towards a greener planet.

How Does ...

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Why Do You Prefer Solar Vacuum Tubes Pool Heaters Over Plastic Mats?

20 Nov 20 - 03:15

Earlier, black plastic or rubber tubing was used for solar pool water heating purposes. This type of heating system was cost-effective. Some people buy black plastic hose and prepare a DIY solar poor heater whereas others consider rubber mats available specifically for solar pool heaters.

There are some obvious issues with black plastic or rubberized solar pool heaters. Most homeowners find them unsightly and could diminish the overall value of their homes.

The Shingle Damage –


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How Do Solar Water Heaters Work with Solar Evacuated Tubes?

13 Nov 20 - 04:08

Are you buying solar water heaters? If yes, you will come across a wide assortment of solar collectors available. However, flat plate collector is the most popularly used in North America. This collector works well for residential hot water for most of the time in a year; but loses its performance during winter.

Solar evacuated tubes are highly advanced collectors used in solar water heaters that produce higher temperature. The main reason behind its use is its superior performance during ...

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How Do Solar Vacuum Tubes Work?

01 Nov 20 - 23:19

A solar collector works like an engine of any solar water heating system. Solar vacuum tubes are very much efficient in producing solar powered systems. The vacuum tubes work similarly like the coffee thermos.

The vacuum tubes comprise of two glass layers with vacuum in between the layers. The outer layer of the tube is made from Borosilicate glass, which has very low iron content. The Borosilicate glass allows around 98% light energy to enter. The second layer is applied with special coat...

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Why Do You Choose Solar Pool Heater Before Summer?

27 Oct 20 - 06:59

Are you wondering about the right time to go solar for pool heating? There are so many solar powered systems available that can save the planet and minimize the energy bill cost significantly. No wonder so many pool owners prefer using evacuated tubes solar pool heating systems in time for summer.

Summer is the peak time for solar installations and is not always the right time of the year to invest in solar pool improvements. Take a look at the post below and know why choosing to go solar ...

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Why Do You Choose Northern Lights DIY Solar Water Heaters?

07 Oct 20 - 03:19

Like every homeowner in Canada, you must be thinking to make a switch to solar water heater. If yes, then you’ve made a good decision. However, out of all solar water heaters available, Northern Lights solar water heating systems stand out. That’s why most DIY installers consider investing in solar water heating kits.

The added installation cost is the reason why homeowners can’t justify financially the investment into green energy solutions. You will find all of Northern Lights solar prod...

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What Do You Know about Solar Pool Water Heating Systems?

28 Sep 20 - 02:17

Taking a refreshing dip in the swimming pool allows you take the stresses throughout the day. Generally, pool water heating systems can be bit costly. This is because of their needs to run on electricity constantly to keep the pool at the right temperature. But investing in a solar pool water heating system makes really sense.

Is it Easy to Use and Maintain?

One of the important things about solar pool heater is that they are less likely to need maintenance than others. They are perfect...

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