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Pre-sized and Pre-packaged Solar Water Systems for Reduced Energy Bills

Picture Solar water heating indicates optimal use of the sun's free energy to produce hot water either for your domestic or commercial use. As a normal homeowner in Northern America or its surrounding areas, you are likely to use around 20 to 30 gallons of hot water every day. However a family of 2 or 4 will use an average 70 gallons of hot water in a day - all of these can now be achieved with minimal use of fuel or natural gas, using our efficient solar water heating systems and kits.

We also offer compact solar water heaters and DIY solar heaters that can be installed to meet your home or office’s current heating needs –improving your habits and making you lead your life without fuel energy or natural gas consumption. Once our pre-packaged solar water heating kits are used, the most notable thing will be your reduced energy bill per month.

Using our efficient solar water heating system in your home or office can bring down the level of your energy consumption up to 50%. Many of you still don’t think how costly is becoming energy use for producing hot water in your apartment or commercial place. There is no way your family can avoid the need of hot water for things like cooking, dish wash, showers, laundry, cleaning etc. Our solar water heaters can be a cost-effective option to trap the sun’s energy directly and save your hotel, restaurant or cash wash centre thousands of dollars. They show unequalled performance and deliver greater safety and the value in the process of water heating for your residential or commercial application.

Apart from managing all of your water heating, our range of solar water systems can also be used for many other heating applications like solar pool heating, industrial process heating and space heating. Each of them is able to reach the highest level of operating temperatures and can give excellent winter heating performance for colder regions.

Moreover, solar water heating systems of Northern Light Solar Heating Solutions qualify for the USA tax credit incentives, allowing you to get back a specific percentage of the system installation cost during the time of filing for your taxes. Contact us immediately if you need a cost-efficient water heating experience at anywhere in USA or the world.

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