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Know about Advantages and Considerations for Solar Water Heating Systems

Solar water heating technology can be the best alternative for energy production in the future. It is based on the idea of building a renewable energy source that can be used in your home and office for water heating and space heating throughout the year. 

The solar water heating systems use components like solar collector or panels and water tanks which can even come in the form of pre-packaged solar heating kit to get ultimately mounted on the roof, ground or the tilted rack of your home. The solar collectors are designed to gather heat promptly from the sun rays during the daytime and make them flow into water for heating and keep it in a storage tank for use later.

There are two different types of collectors used in solar water heating systems. The traditional looking flat plate collectors and evacuated tube solar collectors which consist of a series of tube panels fixed together. 

Advantages of using solar water heating


Reduction in utility bills

A solar hot water system can serve your hot water needs all year round. Whether it is a tank-less solar system, pre-heat solar tank system or solar combo tank system, you can be sure of getting hot water throughout the year. Despite its complex design, you can install it easily with the help of a professional to enjoy reduced utility bills.

Low operating costs

The cost of operating a solar water heater is low, with performance monitoring and maintenance activities bringing you the real expenditure after the purchase and installation price of the heating system, because plenty of energy comes from sunlight which is absolutely free.

Clean and clear energy source for saving environment from pollution

There is no release of carbon dioxide from solar water heating kits which give timely access to a renewable energy source, thereby preventing environment pollution.

Incentive and Tax Benefit from the state and federal government

Whether you use evacuated tube or flat plate solar water heating system, you can earn the state and federal government’s RHI and tax benefits. Under this plan you are given payments for using solar heating technology continuously for years.

Considerations for solar water heating systems


Right location for Solar panel


You should have at least a flat space on your roof of 5 meters facing east to west and getting sunlight directly throughout the day. This is the best place where you need to place the solar panel for optimal performance. If it is not available then you can consider attaching two different panels facing east and west respectively, which would add to your installation cost.

Addition/replacement of hot water tank or cylinder


Another key consideration is to find space to keep an additional hot water cylinder in the home or office. While installing solar water heating system, you will have to either replace the present cylinder attached to the solar heating coil or add a new cylinder to keep up its heating performance.

Compatibility of Boiler


You need to find out about the compatibility of the present boiler with the solar thermal system. Combination boilers don’t usually have a hot water cylinder and may not always be compatible with the solar thermal system.

Permission and approval from local building regulations


While fitting solar PV panels on the roof of your building you may face some issues in building codes. Therefore, it is better to have approval from local building regulatory authorities to make sure that you meet the building codes and can move ahead with the installation of a solar water heater. 

These are the advantages and considerations you have to be aware of when thinking to install solar water heaters or using solar water heating kits. You can find a wide variety of solar thermal units including compact solar water heaters, solar pre-heat tank systems and Combo tank solar water heating systems on Solar Tubs. Check out their price by contacting the site owner at +1 800 317 9054 FREE.

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