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Interesting Facts about Green Energy- Solar Water Heating
When we talk about solar energy as a green source of energy, most of the people think of solar panels. One should always remember that solar panels are not the only mechanism available to harness the energy of sun. Effective solar thermal systems or solar water heating systems are also considered as a good alternative to harness the green energy from sun.

Are you thinking about investing in green energy- solar water heating systems? In this case the below mentioned interesting facts about SWH or solar water heating systems will justify your move.

What is the mechanism of solar water heating?

Solar water heating refers to the mechanism that utilizes sun energy to heat the water. This mechanism is often called as solar thermal and consists of a collector, which attracts sunlight & converts it into heat energy. Solar thermal technology is used to heat water of space heating purpose for household and commercial establishments.

List of different types of solar water heating systems:
  • Domestic hot water system
  • swimming pool or hot tub heating systems
  • Space heating systems
Difference between solar water heating systems and solar panels:

You must remember that both mechanisms rely on the energy of sun, in which solar thermal collectors and solar panels like photovoltaic and solar PV are used for different purposes.
  • Solar panels are used for generating electricity from solar energy, whereas SWH converts sun energy into heat.
  • Solar water heating systems or SWH for green heating solutions like heating water or space heating. Whereas, solar panels are used to achieve green electricity for enjoying lighting solutions.
Providing eco-friendly solutions is the aim objective of both these systems, which can be suitably installed at your home or any commercial setting to enjoy green heating and lighting solution.

How solar water heating system is effective?
  • It is clean source of energy that relies on renewable and abundant resource-sun energy.
  • Utilizes solar energy instead of fossil fuels and helps in reducing carbon foot print.
  • Reduces your utility bills
  • Efficient in covering all heating requirement
  • Less Maintenance and durable
What is the cost of solar water heating system?

Generally the cost of solar water heating system depends on the size of your property or the number of dependents. This will help in determining the appliance size required to be installed for effectively covering all heating requirements. You will find different types of solar thermal systems like pre-heat solar water tank system, solar with tank-less water heaters, solar combo water tank system and new compact solar water heaters.

How to make a smart purchase or investment?

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