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Why Do You Prefer Solar Vacuum Tubes Pool Heaters Over Plastic Mats?

20 Nov 20 - 03:15

Earlier, black plastic or rubber tubing was used for solar pool water heating purposes. This type of heating system was cost-effective. Some people buy black plastic hose and prepare a DIY solar poor heater whereas others consider rubber mats available specifically for solar pool heaters.

There are some obvious issues with black plastic or rubberized solar pool heaters. Most homeowners find them unsightly and could diminish the overall value of their homes.

The Shingle Damage –

Generally, rubberized solar mats remain on the roof. So, it’s possible that moisture can go under the mat that leads to improper ventilation causing shingles to rot. It results in premature deterioration of rooftop.

However, you can’t receive any cost savings from your solar systems because of the costly roof replacement. But solar evacuated tubes are installed on the ground or above the shingles so that the roof is able to breathe without leaving space for moisture.

The Solar Wear and Tear –

Plastic never goes well under the sunlight. Solar pool heating mats made of plastic or rubber deteriorate in sunlight. On average, the life span of solar mat collector or plastic piping is five years or less.

As a result, it significantly minimizes the ROI of your solar investment. Most manufacturers claim that the solar systems have over 10 years’ life expectancies. Cracking and leaking are the common problems that you come across while using black solar pool heaters. But solar vacuum tubes pool heaters stand out in any solar or weather conditions.

The Loss of Heat –

Black plastic absorbs solar energy very well and gives off heat easily. If you have ever touched a black colored car sitting in the sun, you may better understand the hot surface temperature. It’s because of the result of black paint that releases solar hot energy absorbed from the sun.

Solar evacuated tubes release very less amount of heat. You can understand it by touching the surface of vacuum tubes. You will find it cold to touch even if the inside temperature may be 300 degrees.

The Loss of Wind –

Heat energy absorbed by black solar mats significantly gets diminished by wind. Wind is the main reason behind the heat loss on a solar pool heater. Usually, roof is windier than the ground which minimizes the solar pool heating efficiency. But solar vacuum tubes pool heaters have zero wind loss and are much more efficient in maximizing solar savings.

The Return on Investment –

Solar pool heating systems by using solar vacuum tubes can deliver paybacks of around ten times than plastic mats. There will be high energy output results that can be half or one fourth the size of plastic mats.

The vacuum tubes work effortlessly in the sun and have life expectancy of 20-25 years. Moreover, the SunRain Solar Pool Heaters are available with standalone metal stands or roof mount kits ensuring optimal flexibility and alternative over the placement of solar pool heater on the ground or roof.

Bottom Line –

When it comes to purchasing solar pool water heating kits, you should look no further than Northern Lights Solar Tubs. For more information about our products, feel free to contact us as soon as possible at  +1 (800) 317-9054.

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