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Why Do You Choose Solar Pool Water Heating System?

22 Sep 20 - 08:34

Are you looking for solar water heaters on the market? Most pool owners are very much aware of the benefits and cost savings of going with solar for pool heating purposes. However, pools are used on seasonal basis. Generally, they are only used during the summer.

Investing in solar can greatly benefit pool owners. Northern Lights solar pool heaters can be integrated so that they supply heat to the pool during summer. In addition, the systems deliver pool heating in the winter as well as home and space heating and residential hot water.

Installing solar pool water heating kits can significantly minimize your heating bills year round. These systems are the only alternative to indoor pool owners looking for a pool heating solution in the winter time.

The pool heating systems have much longer life expectancy and are able to provide enough heat energy throughout the season than other heaters. Even, the overall ownership cost is considerably less that yields maximum savings to homeowners over electricity and fossil fuels. Pool owners get larger savings over traditional solar pool heaters.

Unlike all other pool heating systems available on the market, Northern Lights solar pool heaters use a closed loop system. It means a pool pump pushes up the pool water against gravity. This causes excessive wear on the pool pump and increases itsoperational cost of by up to 30%.

Solar pool heating systems come with a heat exchanger that separates heat fluid and the pool water. In the freezing climates, a small amount of glycol or water is circulated throughout the solar evacuated tubes at a rate of 0.75-1.25 GPM. These highly advanced tubes absorb energy and transfer them to the pool by using a heat exchanger.

The high flow pool heat exchanger gives very little resistance on the pump that allows it to work at its normal capacity. It makes sure that the chlorinated pool water never comes in contact with any part of solar heater. As a result, it extends durability of the system and your investment by up to five times of any ordinary pool heater.

Northern Lights advanced solar pool heating systems are highly efficient. You can turn on the system and the system starts delivering heat as soon as the sun rises in the morning. There’s no requirement of direct sunlight. Even if it’s lightly raining, your solar pool heater will deliver heat energy to the pool.

The solar pool heater features digital controller that maximizes solar output and have safety features like freeze protection, holiday cooling mode and advanced energy monitoring. Choosing this mode will allow you know your daily savings.

This system can be able to transmit data to the internet by providing you with real time performance and data history any pc or smart phone through Free Resol

If you want to buy these systems, you should look no further than Northern Lights Solar Tubs. For more information about our products, don’t hesitate to contact us now at +1 (800) 317-9054.

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