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How Do Solar Water Heaters Work with Solar Evacuated Tubes?

13 Nov 20 - 04:08

Are you buying solar water heaters? If yes, you will come across a wide assortment of solar collectors available. However, flat plate collector is the most popularly used in North America. This collector works well for residential hot water for most of the time in a year; but loses its performance during winter.

Solar evacuated tubes are highly advanced collectors used in solar water heaters that produce higher temperature. The main reason behind its use is its superior performance during winter. Heating water during winter will outform all solar collectors available.

If you’re looking to produce hot water at higher temperature, you should consider heating water with solar vacuum tubes. Solar vacuum tube collectors work like a coffee thermos. The heat energy gets trapped inside the vacuum tube and can’t escape easily.

A flat plate collector works like an ordinary coffee cup. The flat plate collector produces energy; which will escape quickly through the collector walls. When the surrounding temperature is colder, the heat loss will be much higher with a flat plate collector in winter. That’s why solar water heating systems with solar vacuum tubes are highly preferred in the Northern climates like Canada and Northern UDA.

Solar vacuum tubes are popular solar collectors in Europe and Asia because of their substantially less price. This means, the overall cost of solar water heaters has reduced significantly that make them a popular alternative for residential water heating purposes. Hence, they are rapidly growing in the United States and Canada.

The superior performance in winter and higher operational temperatures make solar water heating systems ideal alternative to homes, shops and commercial facilities. You should use a larger size system to produce residential hot water and provide additional heat to help the home heating system.

Solar vacuum tubes water heaters are considered as ideal way to capture the full solar energy potential. Residential hot water accounts for as much as 80% of the energy consumption at home.

When installing this system, you have to remember that heat energy demand during summer is zero. Therefore, the additional solar heat needs to be controlled. It can be done by diverting the heat energy to pool or hot tub or by using simple covers.

Northern Lights Solar Tubs specializes in providing solar water heating systems by using solar evacuated tubes ensuring optimal performance and maximum energy efficiency. We offer pre-packaged solar water heaters that works really well for residential hot water and home heating. They are ideal for heating pools and hot tubs. For more information about our cold weather heat pumps, feel free to contact us right now at +1 (866) 800-8123.

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