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Everything You Need To Know About Solar Powered Hot Tub

23 Dec 20 - 05:08

Outdoor hot tubs are an absolute lavish way to relax and ease out stress after a long day at work. A hot tub ownership comes with the several advantages. Having a spa at home could be the secret to unlock your work-life balance. It could be the factor that motivates potential tenants to select your rental property over another or persuades potential home buyers to place an offer.

Sadly, one of the main obstacles homeowners face when it comes to purchasing an outdoor hot tub is its high operating cost. This is where the use of solar energy can help big time.

The Advantage of Using Solar Power for Outdoor Hot Tub Heating:

Solar-powered hot tubs are more environment friendly than electric or gas driven hot tubs. Instead of having to wait for the sun to emerge & heat up your water, there’s solar equipment that lets you stock the heat that’s solar-generated, in order to be employed afterward when you wish to relish the hot tub. Though this’d be an upfront expenditure, the payoff is huge. The overall cost savings that a solar hot tub gives, far outweigh the requirement for electrical energy or propane gas.

How Does Solar Hot Tub Heating Work?

With the help of a heat exchange panel you can warm your hot tub through solar power. Though this looks a relatively simple technology, it will be very effective if you reside in a region that gets about six hours of strong sun, or more, per day.

With the increased efficiency of solar vacuum tubes, now heating hot tubs is much easier than ever before. If you are living in a warmer climate or using your hot tub in non-freezing conditions, then our flat plate panels would be your best bet as they’re effective heat generators but don’t overhead during the summer.

Here at Northern Lights Solar Solutions we have designed different options so that our solar hot tub kit can integrate with every hot tub, swim spa, and pool. We are your one-stop DIY solar heating solution! Feel free to get in touch with us on +1 (800) 317-9054.

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