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Why You Should Consider About Installing a Solar Pool Heater
Every day the sun beams on to the earth more than adequate energy to meet global energy requirements for a whole year. Solar power is the technology employed to exploit the sun’s power and make it consumable.

Most of the people are familiar with so-called solar panels or photovoltaic cells, found on things such as rooftops, spacecraft, and handheld calculators. The cells are composed of semiconductor components like those discovered in computer chips. When sun rays strike the cells, it knocks electrons out of their atoms. As the electrons pass through the cell, they produce electricity.

There are many fields where solar energy is used quite profitably. For years the industrial world and energy companies have been exploiting the technology of solar power.Today, even home owners are taking advantage of solar power  to meet their different requirements.  In recent years, many people have switched to solar pool heaters due to their several advantages.  Here in this post we will discuss about a few advantages of solar pool heaters in brief. Let’s have a look at them:

Solar Power Safeguards The Environment:

A solar pool heating unit makes use of solar panels to transmit heat from the sun to your swimming pool. Employing solar pool heater in place of electric pool heaters will decrease the exploit of fossil fuels, and in result decrease the smog produced by nitrogen dioxide discharged when igniting fosil fuels. Making use of a solar pool heater in place of a gas heater will also decrease the carbon-dioxide discharged to the environment. This will aid slow global warming and weather change for each installation.

Higher ROI (Return on Investment):

A solar pool heating unit possesses a life span of fifteen to twenty years or longer where a gas or electric heater possesses a lifespan of roughly five years. Solar pool heaters don’t ask for much maintenance, whereas a gas or electric heater needs yearly maintenance expenditure. The monthly operating expense of a gas or electric pool heater is between 300 to 600 hundred dollars. A heat pump needs approximately $50 -$150 of monthly operating expenditure. However, for a solar pool heating unit, there’s no supplementary monthly operating expenses since the sun’s power is a free renewable resource.

Energy Efficiency:

A solar pool heating system runs through the pump that you already have with your swimming-pool, hence it’s the most power efficient alternative. A gas or electric pool heater has an extremely lower energy competence rating. Though a heat pump possess a superior energy efficiency rating in comparison to gas or electric pool heating units, but still far behind from a solar pool heater.

Last but not the least, if you are living in an area with abundant sunshine, you must consider installing a solar pool heater. This is not only beneficial for you but for the environment as well.
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