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The advantages of solar pool heating are widely known – free energy from the sunlight and you can meet your maximum of hot water needs for low cost and with great savings on energy bills.  And while you are keeping your energy bill under control, you’re able to protect the environment as well. That’s why the solar water heaters make a great choice, giving the best output in heating efficiency. Advanced design, optimal heating technology and quality materials enable these systems to perform the best in water heating, reducing your energy costs while letting you enjoy the warm soothing water all the year around.  

The solar pool heating is an uncomplicated and easy to mount system consisting of an open circuit of solar heating pipes.  With a wide array of solar collector panels and a ground placed water storage tank, it assures to work in every weather condition. In the solar pool heating system, the water keeps circulating between solar panels and storage tank by a tiny pump which is governed by a well functioning solar controller.
The solar pool heating benefits
  1. 90% or more of your hot water needs fulfilled by free sun rays
  2. Quick installation
  3. Light weight and less detectable on roof
  4. Hot water produced in every climate conditions
  5. No harm of carbon oxide emissions to atmosphere
  6. Firmly fitted tank for warm water storage
  7. Significant rebates available to accepted solar project
  8. Long lasting value in any kind of environment
  9. Wide-ranging warranty offers
The solar water heating process starts with trapping of solar free energy through absorbers and quick distribution of the generated heat energy by flowing it regularly into the pool water. This heating process continues until your pool attains the required temperature. There are many advanced options to help you carry out pool heating in colder months at night without any risk of pool freezing. It is the assembly of a few essential components that allow all solar water heaters to heat up your pool, maintaining the best possible warmness for your body in every weather condition. Let’s have a brief discussion on all these components. The solar panels, the solar controller and the mounting hardware combine together to give you outstanding performance in pool heating.

  • The solar collectors are the key component of every solar water heater. They consist of the absorber and the header system.
1.The header is entry and exit point of water flowing into the solar absorber surface. The headers of all solar collectors remain connected to each other to create an assortment of solar panels.

  1. The absorber serves as the heating bed of the collector. It contains many water flowing channels where the solar heat is soaked and transmitted to your pool.
  • The solar controller is like the brain of your solar pool heater. It not only directs the water from heating pump but also passes it through a filter extended up to the collectors for adequate heating whenever required.
  • And at last the mounting hardware is used to keep the collectors safely and securely stand on wall rack or your roof.

If the mechanism of solar pool heating amuses you more and more with its simple components and functionalities, order for the right sized solar water heaters at Solar Tubs today!

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