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Top Interesting Facts About Solar Water Heaters

Are you aware that solar energy can be used as a source of heat in your homes? We all know that the solar energy is a green source of energy. A water heater is considered as one of the most common home appliances, which is an essential addition to any home. But it is also true that the water heaters take up a great deal of energy too. If you want to lower your monthly electricity costs, then it will be wise to invest in a durable and high-performance solar water heater. In order to make the environment carbon free, most homeowners in the USA and all over the world are using solar water heating systems.


No doubt, you can make a smart investment by installing a quality solar water heating system in your home or commercial establishment. Do you want to make invest in a green energy by purchasing a solar water heating system? Then let us first explore some interesting facts about solar water heating system that will give you some reflection regarding your investment!


1. Mechanism of Solar Water Heating:


The solar water heating system follows the mechanism, which converts the sun’s energy into heated water. This mechanism or technology is also known as solar thermal. The solar water heating system consists of collectors that attract sunlight and then convert it into heating solutions, which can be used for household or commercial purposes. The solar thermal technology is also used for enjoying optimal space heating solutions.


2. The Benefit of a SWH System:


There are some great benefits of installing a solar water heating (SWH) system!


The solar water heating system is a clean source of energy that relies exclusively on a renewable and abundant source- sun energy. By installing a SWH system, you can utilize the solar energy instead of fossil fuels, which helps in reducing the carbon footprint from the environment.


The second best thing about installing a SWH system will help in reducing your utility bills, as it can successfully cover almost all of your household’s heating requirements. With a little or no maintenance, your SWH system will deliver an optimal heating solution.


The SWH systems are all about providing unlimited energy! As the solar water heating systems rely on the energy of the sun, it will efficiently work all year round to provide you the best heating solutions. 


3. Value for Money:


If you are thinking to buy a solar water heating system, then it will prove to be a value for money deal. As per your requirement, you can purchase the right type of SWH for your home or business like pre-heat solar tank system, solar with tank-less water heaters, solar combo tank system or the new compact solar water heating system.


You can rely on Northern Lights Solar Solutions to buy the best priced and well-built, pre-packaged solar water heaters that will deliver high performance, save thousands on energy costs and lasts longer. Our durable SWH can be installed in a quick and easy way to deliver maximum performance.


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