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Know 3 Popular Solar Water Heater Tanks Used in North American Climate

Solar water tanks suit all kinds of solar heating kits including solar pools heating, solar home heating, hot tubs and solar water heaters. They not just serve heat energy storage but also properly expand the solar water heating systems in any cold climate condition without using new equipments.


Solar water heaters need buffer tanks in the form of solar water storage tanks. When there is bright sunshine, the water in the solar water tanks get heated and retained for use later, most probably in the evening and night. Most of the solar water storage tanks include a heat exchange to efficiently keep apart the solar heating solution (Glycol/water) from the moving water and show great insulation capability to preserve the heat energy for days.


Let’s find out three popular kinds of solar water tanks used in solar water heaters of North America: 


  • Pre-Heat Solar Tanks

  • Solar Combo Electric Tanks

  • Dual Heat Exchanger Solar Tanks

The above three types of tanks are often found to be used in solar water heaters of North America. Each of them is based on a different heating mechanism to meet the demand for hot water in very cold climate condition of North America.

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Pre-Heat Solar Tanks – It is the most commonly used solar water heating tank in homes along with any existing electric, gas, oil or tank-less solar water heater. The primary job of this tank is to store the solar hot water which then enters into the principal tank with the opening of hot water faucets. There is large internal heat exchanger (14 ft2) available in this pre-heat tank to heat up the moving water preferably coming from ground or through the main line.


Solar Combo Tanks with Electric Backup – It is a combination of a pre-heat solar tank with an electric backup which suits exclusively designed solar water heaters. The solar combo tank is built with a 14 ft2 heat exchanger on its base and the medium 4.5 Kw electric heater element for back up. The hot water circulates through the piped solar loop and the internal heat exchanger to get heated continuously in the tank. The electric heater element in the top of tank will again add to its heating and take the water temperature to the desired point.


Dual Heat Exchanger Solar Tanks – It is the third kind of solar water tank which suits domestic solar water heaters and dual solar heating systems. It has both bottom and top heat exchanges without/with the electric heating element. Water in this tank gets heated in the bottom with the help of the bottom heat exchanger and rises up to flow in the upper heat exchanging loop. The hot water then carries its heat to a 2nd heating zone like a radiant floor heating system or to an air to water heat exchange design. This tank can be used for an old tank replacement or new tank installation.


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