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Why Do You Purchase DIY Solar Water Heater Panels?

03 May 21 - 02:05

Solar water heater panels are generally used to heat water at homes and commercial premises. As you know, hot water takes around 20-40% of entire energy consumption of a home. This is where a solar hot water system comes in handy. It’s the easiest way to minimize costs.

On an average, Northern Lights solar hot water system can minimize hot water cost by 65%-75%. The solar water heater panels come with easy to install kits and include every component to get the installation done. They generally use specially insulated stainless steel solar piping and fittings making sure that their installation work don’t require any sort of complicated pipe work and soldering.

However, installing a DIY solar hot water system makes really sense. This system is designed to be installed by a customer without any prior experience of solar water heating. The system is pre-engineered to deliver optimal performance and is safe to operate.

Why Do You Buy DIY Solar Water Heater Panels?

The main reason behind investing in a DIY solar water heater system is that it can be installed by almost everyone with little experience. The installation work doesn’t require any specialty tools and equipment. This means, it will save you from the typical expenses of installing a solar hot water system.

It includes to the payback of your investment in a solar hot water. If you’re unable to install a solar water heating system, you can feel free to choose your neighbor or friends to help with the project. This work doesn’t require the help from a licensed solar contractor.

In addition, the DIY solar water heating kits come with stainless steel solar piping, making it easy for the installation. The corrugated stainless steel features with ¾” EPDM insulation and a protective coating. A heat sensor wire is included in this kit. When you use this kit, you won’t need to get stressed about soldering and leaks. You can use a wrench to connect the fitting, making sure that you’ve a leak-free seal.

Northern Lights DIY solar water heating kits come with SunRain high temperature solar evacuated tube collectors. The RESol pump station and the BS digital differential controller help in controlling the entire system.

SolarStor Water Heater comes with built-in heat exchanger and 4.5 KW additional heating element. All you need to do is to connect the solar collector to the pump station and then to the solar water tank. After that, plug in the pump station to a wall plug and you’ll produce free hot water within minutes.

While installing a solar water heater, it’s necessary to follow proper safety precautions. More often, the solar collectors will be mounted on the roof. But you need to be comfortable to work with ladders and roof top work.

If you’re uncomfortable to work, you can always hire someone professional from Northern Lights Solar Tubs team. We’ll handle everything effectively. Otherwise, you can ground mount the collectors and place them on the wall. It’s the most challenging part of a DIY solar water heating system. For more information about solar water heater panels, feel free to contact us today at +1 (800) 317-9054.

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