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Why Do You Choose Northern Lights DIY Solar Water Heaters?

07 Oct 20 - 03:19

Like every homeowner in Canada, you must be thinking to make a switch to solar water heater. If yes, then you’ve made a good decision. However, out of all solar water heaters available, Northern Lights solar water heating systems stand out. That’s why most DIY installers consider investing in solar water heating kits.

The added installation cost is the reason why homeowners can’t justify financially the investment into green energy solutions. You will find all of Northern Lights solar products are geared towards the DIY market ensuring optimal savings and maximum efficiency.

When it comes to considering DIY installations of solar water heating kit, you should remember that DIY doesn’t mean you’re on your own to set it up. You’ll be provided with necessary technical support in the solar water heating industry and they will be with you throughout the installation process.

Apart from this, Northern Lights solar water heating packages are available with every accessory you need to get your project done perfectly. The accessories include solar fitting, piping, heating fluid and other important items like solar collectors, tanks and controllers.

All of Northern Lights solar water heating designs is pre-engineered using the latest advanced simulation software application developed by VelaSolaris – a premier Swedish Engineer Company.

Every DIY solar heating system is engineered in a virtual environment and delivers result-driven simulation to customers. The simulation is accurate 5%. This means, you will be guaranteed with accurate ROI and maximum performance. Rest assured that, you will be provided with this service at free of cost.

When you buy a Northern Lights solar water heater, you will receive an easy to follow instruction manual. It will help you install your solar water heating system on your own without any hassle.

At Northern Lights, they specialize in engineering pre-packaged solar water heater by using only highly advanced components like German made RESOL controllers and pump stations featured with advanced features like remote access capabilities so that you can access them through internet or smart phones.

All of their solar water storage tanks are UL listed and made in the USA. They come with dual internal heat exchangers along with 4.5KW electric element. Pre-insulated stainless steel pipe is included ensuring quickest and more reliable installation. The pump stations available in the systems make sure that the operation of the solar system is safe and efficient.

As discussed, these solar powered heating kits are pre-engineered to deliver maximum performance and enormous safety while operating. You won’t need to hire a plumber to pipe soldering as the flexible stainless steel solar piping uses compression fittings for sealing the solar line sets lines.

Important Facts to Remember About Solar Water Heaters

  • Quick installation process as there’s no requirement of soldering or electric work
  • Pre-engineered and pre-sized ensuring ultimate level of reliability and performance by using custom-designed simulation software
  • Factory-ready to be expandable to secondary heating applications like solar pool heaters and solar space heaters
  • Zimlet high temperature solar expansion tanks manufactured in Italy, available with high temperature EPDM rubber bladders
  • Affordable as the installation cost remains around half of the traditional solar heater

Bottom Line –

If you want to learn more about solar water heaters, feel free to reach out to Northern Lights Solar Tubs as soon as possible. We’ll help you get your ultimate solar water heating experience that you’ve been longing for all the while.

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