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Using Solar Home Heating Systems at Home

03 Sep 20 - 09:09

Solar home heating or solar space heating systems are gaining popularity in the solar water heating industry. It’s because of the extreme high efficiency and higher operational temperature by solar vacuum tubes.

Solar evacuated tubes work in low light conditions and temperature that attain minus 35 degrees. Most Northern USA, Canadian and European homeowners are using solar home heating systems at home.

Most people integrate solar thermal kit with an existing heating system like rad...

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Why Do You Prefer Installing Pre-Packaged Solar Water Heating Kits?

27 Aug 20 - 19:20

Are you looking for DIY solar water heaters? You should consider investing in DIY solar water heating kits available at Northern Lights Solar Solutions. Their pre-designed solar water heating systems are useful for both residential and commercial applications. They are pre-engineered to deliver faster and easy installation and operation as well as optimal performance.

The solar evacuated tube hydronic heating systems provide superior winter heating performance on colder climates. They ...

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Why Do You Invest in Northern Lights Solar Water Heating Packages?

17 Aug 20 - 05:34

Are you looking for solar water heaters? If yes, you should definitely invest in Northern Lights solar heating packages. These solar heating kits are pre-engineered and pre-sized for the application. There are so many reasons why you should buy Northern Lights solar water heaters. Some of them are discussed below:

Quick Installation – Northern Lights solar water heaters feature with Plug n’ Save technology which ensures that there’s no requirement of soldering and electrical work for the i...

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What Makes Solar Pool Water Heating Ideal to Use in Canada?

03 Aug 20 - 21:58

Solar pool heating system is probably the right use for solar water heating. You can receive payback much quickly. Installing solar pool water heating system offers enormous benefits to any hotel, leisure center or even residential pools.

It’s suggested for any home or hotel heating pool water with gas, propane or electricity should switch to a solar pool heating kit. Unlike most solar pool heating systems, Northern Lights solar pool heaters use solar evacuated tubes instead of black polym...

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Why Do You Switch to Advanced Solar Pool Heaters?

20 Jul 20 - 01:17

Are you making the switch to solar water heating system for pool? Most pool owner are very much aware of the benefits and cost savings of using solar systems to heat their pools. Most pool owners use their pools seasonally especially during summer.

But investing in solar can offer amazing benefits to solar pool owners. These systems can be integrated so that they supply heat to the pool during summer. In winter, they offer home and space heating as well as residential hot water.


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Why Do Northern Lights Solar Water Heaters Use SunRain Vacuum Tubes?

02 Jul 20 - 01:07

Are you looking to invest in the most advanced solar water heating system? If yes, then you should look no further than evacuated tube solar water heaters. They produce much higher temperature and deliver better performance during winter. Heating hot water during winter with solar vacuum tubes will outperform all other types of solar collectors available.

When it comes to buying a solar water heating kit, it’s important to make sure that the engine you choose is the most powerful one and m...

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4 Best Residential Solar Hot Water Heaters

29 Jun 20 - 21:16

Primarily, solar hot water heaters are used for heating water at homes and business. The energy consumption at home includes around 20-40% from hot water. Obviously, you’re looking for a way to minimize the expensive energy consumption costs. This is where solar water heater comes in.

Northern Lights solar water heaters are able to reduce hot water cost by 65-75%. These DIY solar water heating kits are easy to install and come with components to complete the installation. Generally, ...

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Why Do You Use Modern Solar Hot Water Heaters?

24 Jun 20 - 20:44

For the last 20 years, solar heating systems have been gaining popularity due to improved level of performance and affordability. The demand for solar water heating systems continues to grow. Equipped with specialized selective coatings, they are capable of delivering around 96% of solar thermal energy.

Sole evacuated tubes water heaters can reach up to 450F temperatures. They are controlled by the state-of-the-art solar thermal differential controllers. The solar water heaters have specia...

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Why Do You Invest in Solar Water Heating Package?

09 Jun 20 - 06:32

Solar water heating is one of the most efficient ways to harness the power of the sun. This type of heating system is five to ten times more efficient than the solar photo voltaic system. It’s one of the most affordable ways to use renewable technologies in home or building by incorporating solar hot water.

Generally, a residential solar water heating system eliminates the requirement for a conventional water heater by around two-thirds. As a result, it minimizes the electricity costs or f...

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Why Do You Switch to Solar Vacuum Tubes Pool Heaters?

29 May 20 - 04:57

Most pool owners are very much aware of the benefits and cost savings of using solar to heat their pools. Generally, pools are used for seasonal purposes, especially during the summer. However, investing in solar pool heaters ( )can get benefitted solar pool owners.

However, Northern Lights solar systems can be integrated so that they provide heat the pool in summer and offer home, space heating and residential hot water in winter time....

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